File folders, day-timers and accessories



These are samples of our collection of managerial and office equipment. We emphasize on an accommodating approach to our customers’ needs as well as on the appearance, functionality and interior of these models. We are preparing a „made to measure“ line using such materials as leather, imitation letter and textile as well as preparing specialties including wind-proof file folders made of the brand-name durable textile Cordura® appropriate for construction workers, forest men and others.

We will implement your logo on the product by way of silk-screening, blind blocking, gold pressing (or different colored print), embroidery and so on. Don’t hesitate to contact us even in the case of small batch production or production by piece. We are equipped with a special development workplace for this purpose. A widely assorted collection verified on the most demanding European market is a given.

Art. 1641: A luxurious leather table pad. On one side of the product (for both right and left-handers) there is a stripe used for the fixation of your documents. Measurements: 620 x 400 mm



Art. 1638: A large leather file folder of an A4 format with a pocket for the insertion of an A4 notepad, binder rings for the attachment of single sheet protectors and two pen loops. On the back side of the file folder there is a divider with A4 pockets on both sides as well as a series of smaller pockets for such items as business cards, calculators and so on. A zipper is used to close the file folder and when closed the front side of the file folder is equipped with a large interior pocket. Measurements: 345 x 285 x 52 mm


Art. 1095: Smaller-sized leather A4 file folder, which has a zipper but no rings. It is equipped with a pocket for an A4 notepad, pockets for documents of the same size as well as smaller pockets for small items such as business cards and such. Two pen loops is a must. Measurements: 340 x 245 x 32 mm


Art. 1639: A leather A5-format file folder equipped with binder rings (4 or 6 rings are possible), two pen loops, an A5 pocket for notepads as well as several other pockets for documents, small items, business cards and so on. Measurements: 270 x 220 x 50 mm


Art. 1640: A luxurious leather case for your day-timer.

Measurements: 170 x 97 mm


Art. 1896: A leather flap pen case for two pens.

Measurements: 160 x 40 x 25 mm




Methods of implementing company logos on various materials:

Silk screening (smooth sateen leather, imitation leather, textile)
Blind blocking (grain leather and sateen, some types of imitation leather)
Gold pressing (sateen leather, several kinds of imitation leather)
Colored print (sateen leather, several kinds of imitation leather)
Embroidery (textile or for sateen leather and imitation leather);